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I dont really have anything to say. I'm really bored and have noting to do so I thought I would update. School ends on June 30th, im going to a concert on the 24th, Seattle Pride is on the 25th and Im leaving on a school trip on the 26th. So im excited about those things so I can get my summer started. Im going to be spending my summer at my grandparents house in Montana, not too excited cause I always go there for the summer and theres NOTHING to do there haha. Like seriously its a small down and NOTHING to do, if ur under 21 then its a boring down. Well im done updating so please leave me comments or something.

Hi Cody, you'll enjoy Missoula. Will you have a vehicle with you? My day was low key..went for a hike, made dinner etc. Peace.
Yea I like Missoula and the only vehicle I will have is my moms with my mom and brother. I dont drive yet, I have things in life I need to concentrate on b4 getting a permit to drive.