I just thought I would update since I have nothing else to do haha. This saturday im leaving for Montana for the summer to visit the grandparents. I go to Montana at least 2 times a year, in the summer and in the winter for x-mas. Hopefully someday I can move back to Dillon, MT. If u dont know where that is (which probably alot of u wont lol) its in the southwestern part, bout an hour south of Butte. Dillon is such a SMALL town, its so quiet at night and everyone knows each other in that town. The town is about 5,000 but im not 100% sure, that might sound like alot but it really isnt plus thats just an estimation. If I really wanted to I could move back there right now but im in the best school for me and I dont want to lose that. So I might go to college over there, I stil dont know what I want to major in but I got my whole life to deside that. Anyways, last night (6-27-06) I hung out with a few of my friends and I had a BLAST. I needed to get out and have fun and im glad they came over to hang out with me. Right now im in like deep shit, I have a gf that lives in CT and there are 2 girls that I like that live here in WA and I dont know what to do. I love my gf and I think its just the whole being away from each other thing that is bothering me. But im gonna shut up and probably go watch tv or something. Have a great 4th of July everyone and be safe!!

<3 Cody Nikolas