It's been a loooong time since I have been on LJ, my buddy Morgan keeps talking about it so I decided to log back on. A lot has happened since I last signed on, I dropped out of High School because the school I went to wasnt doing ne thing for me. Im signing up for a GED class soon, I'm close to starting T and its about time. I came out to my mom as trans, she wasnt sure about it at first but shes starting to come around. I also came out to my aunt, she doesnt want me starting T because she says Im not ready for it. She doesnt really understand it and thats fine, my brother knows but doesnt get it. But aside from that I signed up for a gym membership, Im tired of being over weight. Ive been over weight all my life, I have a thyroid problem so thats mostly why I gain weight. Those are the big things that have happened, I just felt like updating on here. Thats all I have to say really, thx for reading.