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I havent been on here for awhile, I was in montana for a lil bit visiting my grandparents. I came home early becaues i was getting upset with my grandparents and i decided i need some time to cool off and relax. I go back again on like august 5th for like a week and my brothers coming with my mom and i. he couldnt make it b4 cause he couldnt get time off from work. he works down in the warehouse at a shipping company and there are like 2 or 3 people that took the same time off my brother wanted so he had to stay. n e ways i just wanted to update a lil bit.

<3 Cody
i'm in montana right now, but hopefully i'll be out of the state in a few hours
thats kool, where in montana are u at?
Hey man.. I'm trying to add you to myspace... If you wanna add me.. I am http://www.myspace.com/dreamsthatruin

Cheers :)