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It's been a loooong time since I have been on LJ, my buddy Morgan keeps talking about it so I decided to log back on. A lot has happened since I last signed on, I dropped out of High School because the school I went to wasnt doing ne thing for me. Im signing up for a GED class soon, I'm close to starting T and its about time. I came out to my mom as trans, she wasnt sure about it at first but shes starting to come around. I also came out to my aunt, she doesnt want me starting T because she says Im not ready for it. She doesnt really understand it and thats fine, my brother knows but doesnt get it. But aside from that I signed up for a gym membership, Im tired of being over weight. Ive been over weight all my life, I have a thyroid problem so thats mostly why I gain weight. Those are the big things that have happened, I just felt like updating on here. Thats all I have to say really, thx for reading.

So I haven't really updated on here, I'm not on here that much. But I decided to update. Well everything is going great with me, school is going good also. I miss my brother tho, he moved to North Carolina in December of '06. He's my best friend and it sucks that he lives so far away. But he is going good, he is on a Nascar team (the Busch Series). I will be hopefully be taking Testosterone in October and I am really excited about that, its about damn time. But I need to get going, I hope you enjoyed the update.


Oh, If you want to, you can add me on myspace
my email address is ducky142004@yahoo.com
I havent been on here for awhile, I was in montana for a lil bit visiting my grandparents. I came home early becaues i was getting upset with my grandparents and i decided i need some time to cool off and relax. I go back again on like august 5th for like a week and my brothers coming with my mom and i. he couldnt make it b4 cause he couldnt get time off from work. he works down in the warehouse at a shipping company and there are like 2 or 3 people that took the same time off my brother wanted so he had to stay. n e ways i just wanted to update a lil bit.

<3 Cody
I just thought I would update since I have nothing else to do haha. This saturday im leaving for Montana for the summer to visit the grandparents. I go to Montana at least 2 times a year, in the summer and in the winter for x-mas. Hopefully someday I can move back to Dillon, MT. If u dont know where that is (which probably alot of u wont lol) its in the southwestern part, bout an hour south of Butte. Dillon is such a SMALL town, its so quiet at night and everyone knows each other in that town. The town is about 5,000 but im not 100% sure, that might sound like alot but it really isnt plus thats just an estimation. If I really wanted to I could move back there right now but im in the best school for me and I dont want to lose that. So I might go to college over there, I stil dont know what I want to major in but I got my whole life to deside that. Anyways, last night (6-27-06) I hung out with a few of my friends and I had a BLAST. I needed to get out and have fun and im glad they came over to hang out with me. Right now im in like deep shit, I have a gf that lives in CT and there are 2 girls that I like that live here in WA and I dont know what to do. I love my gf and I think its just the whole being away from each other thing that is bothering me. But im gonna shut up and probably go watch tv or something. Have a great 4th of July everyone and be safe!!

<3 Cody Nikolas
I dont really have anything to say. I'm really bored and have noting to do so I thought I would update. School ends on June 30th, im going to a concert on the 24th, Seattle Pride is on the 25th and Im leaving on a school trip on the 26th. So im excited about those things so I can get my summer started. Im going to be spending my summer at my grandparents house in Montana, not too excited cause I always go there for the summer and theres NOTHING to do there haha. Like seriously its a small down and NOTHING to do, if ur under 21 then its a boring down. Well im done updating so please leave me comments or something.

I'm new to LJ, I just got it the other day. Im looking for lots of friends and maybe someone to date.